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1. 96% of mosques in Nigeria do not operate a bank account.

2.No Imam owns a mosque and cannot hand over a mosque to his children.

3. When an individual builds a mosque, it still does not belong to him but hands it over. He has no say on who becomes the Imam of the mosque.

4. Friday freewill donations are strictly used for charity and mosque maintenance and this is strictly supervised by a council.
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5. No Imam in Nigeria has a private jet.
So, why will any Imam or Mosque be afraid of CAMA? Only those with business empires to protect are afraid of CAMA.

Hypocrisy in the temple stinks to the high heavens.
Money is the major issue in the church nowadays. Pentecostals are the worst hit. Medical doctors, Engineers, Academics abandoning their profession for the pulpit. He added.


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