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On 05/10/021 at about 0730hrs the Command received information from a distressed caller (name withheld) that on 04/10/021 at about 2330hrs, while he was driving to Lagos in a Futon Truck with reg No. FST 345 YD in company of his girlfriend one Mohammed Sekinat ‘f’ aged 27yrs, he was blocked along Koko road junction Oghara by a three (3) man armed robbery/kidnapping gang.

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He disembarked from the Vehicle and escaped while the hoodlums forcefully took his girlfriend away into the bush. Operatives of Oghara Division were immediately dispatched to the area. The operatives who went on intelligence led investigation located their hideout along Pan Ocean road by Koko junction. The gang members on sighting the Police teams took to their heels abandoning the kidnapped victim but one of the suspect Emuesiri Umukoro ‘m’ aged 27yrs was arrested. The victim identified the suspect as a member of the gang who kidnapped her. Manhunt for the fleeing members of the gang is ongoing.


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