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The Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Patrick Akinwuntan has stated the readiness of the bank to partner with the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) to create a reliable and enhance credit practice in the country. Speaking during an official visit of ICA Management team to the Ecobank Pan African Centre (EPAC) in Lagos, Akinwuntan observed that Ecobank as a Pan African financial institution is at the vanguard of deepening credit culture on the continent. He stated that that the bank has a robust risk infrastructure that supports the understanding of customers credit behaviour.

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In his comment, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, ICA, Prof. Chris Onalo, who described Ecobank as a credible financial organization, said the visit was to solicit for collaboration and partnership in the area of capacity building and staff membership, with a view to enhancing credit management and policy advocacy relating to sound credit market system, stressing that the global economy works on credit.

Further, Mr Onalo reiterated that ICA is Nigeria’s only nationally recognized professional credit management body, solely dedicated to the provision of Micro And Macro Credit Management Education, award of specialist qualifications, development of skills and capacity building of people involved in everyday management of trade, financial, consumer and business credits.

he added that a rich credit culture will help to reduce poverty and develop the nation’s economy  as more people will be engaged in productive ventures.

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