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When were you elected as the Chairman?

16th of July after the inauguration of the State Chairman Of the Capital Association Of Nigeria, so am very happy to be the state Chairman and am ready to work for the Lagos State and the whole Nigeria.


What are the things you want to do, to improve the association?

We have a plan that we will help all our cooperators in other to update them to the high level and the second one about the drainage side and other people that use all road equipment in other for them to register under the Lagos State.
And all our Caterpillar to have the plate number in other to trace them because we had a bad name about the association that Caterpillar people are 419 but now as the State Chairman, am ready to change the everything, that all of us we have a ID Card under the ministry of transportation and also the year and I will help all our people, the operators, hirers and the owner of the Caterpillar Association to bring us together as a one team to work together and I will try my best.


Can you tell us your number of membership?
I firstly appreciate our president that’s Honourable Gbemi and also our vice president Alhaja Rukayat Mogbojubola. So as a Lagos State Chairman am ready to work with them together.
And now we have eleven (11) states and we are trying to cover the whole 36 states of Nigeria may God help us to do our best and the number of teams like operators and insurance, and I will try my best to make all our operator to be happy, the hirers and the others and to bring them to the state.
And the second one is like; we need to work with all the Lagos State ministries to work together as a one family and I will try to do my best for that 4 years as the State Chairman Of Caterpillar Association Of Lagos State.


Do you have Cooperators please?

We have cooperators, we have one at Omole phase 2 and also at Abule Egba and other one at ipetu ikeja, so as we’re trying to have the state office at Alahusa.
Because the Caterpillar Association is not for only lagos, we want to try to spread it to whole 36 states of Nigeria but we thank God now we have already successed with 11 states, fit that 4 years I will make sure I cover 36 states of Nigeria.

Before you became the chairman, what were you doing ?

I am a honourable as a politician, am also the Youth Leader and the chairman of Koshofe Caterpillar.

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Before now you have been an operator?

Before now, I was a road contractor, I work with ITECH construction and also work with LARIS construction and also work as a Lagos State road contractors.
But now as a state chairman my work and my assgnment is to bring all our people as one board and to have an ID Card, in other to identify our selve everywhere in Nigeria that’s my target.

How do you think the Lagos State Government can support your tenure?

They have done that, we thank God for our leader Asiwaju Bola Hammend and also our governor Sanwo Olu, they have done enough to us during the Covid 19 there’s a lot of arcade that they give all to our members.
And the second one, the ID Card and also help us to register under the Lagos State and also merge us with Ministry Of Lascar that’s is Physical plan because we have to work together because there’s a lot of things that happen cause we the owner of caterpillar’s sometimes we bring that our excrabetor drove that to the site but now we’re trying to educate our operators in other to work with Lagos State so we won’t have any problem with Lagos State and our governor help us in other to merge under all ministries.

Do you have Caterpillar equipment for your operations?

Yes and not only Caterpillar, I have aquitment like escabetors, am the owner and also a hirer, I have the tractors and the likes.
And now Lagos State have already help us giving us some contracts and we also want to work under the rules in collaboration, because without Lagos State we’re nothing.

What state program do you have for this year before it comes to an end.

We have 3 programs.
First of all; all the Caterpillar in Lagos State and in all Nigeria we want to get them register and they have the plate numbers. A sticker, because we have to work together with transportation, when we have a plate number we can be able to identify our selves.
We want to have both the state and the federal, so we want to use Lagos State as the stepping stone, and fly to other states i.e Osun.
Our Government love us, they’re not our enemy we have to work together to become a one team as the state government.

Can you tell members that are under you how to support you?

My advice to all members from Lagos State, from Osun State, from all Yoruba’s and from all Igbos that the best way for Caterpillar Association in Nigeria is to work for the state government and work for the federal government, is very good to work as a team in other to promote Nigeria and elevate us in a high level.

What plan or aim do you have for those that are coming to join you in Caterpillar Association?

My advice is; they should join us to come and register under the Lagos State and also to come and register under the association because Lagos State have already has the package for us and also they’re doing it and they’re ready to continue doing it and also the federal government have a package for us and they want to be doing it and ready to be doing it. I just want to beg all our members to come and register, so they can have the benefits from the state and the federal government.



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