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Their joy knows no bounds as they individually got credit alerts in their respective accounts. The 600 beneficiaries who converged on the Lagos Polytechnic Ikorodu on Thursday were full of gratitude for the kind gesture from the Distinguished Senator.

The Senator representing the Lagos East Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru, FCA , the Senate Committee Chairman on Industry, in his address reiterated his passion for providing good for the greater number of people.

Abiru who has achieved unprecedented feats in less than 10 months in the saddle said he will not relent in impacting lives of constituents of the Lagos East District.

He said young people are at the core of his legislative agenda adding that he will continue to champion initiatives that will positively impact their lives and prepare them for the opportunities in the current digital and knowledge economy.

“Barely two months ago, in this same auditorium, I delivered a goodwill message via a pre-recorded video to a large audience of youth in the Lagos East Senatorial District in commemoration of the 2021 International Youth Day.

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“I want to reiterate like I espoused on that day that young people are at the core of our legislative agenda. The minimum we can do as leaders and in fidelity with our social contract with the esteemed constituents who majorly fall within this demography is to provide support for their dreams to have full and maximum expression”

“I want to let you know that I am passionate about ensuring ‘greater good for greater number’.

“This mantra guides my philosophy and strategy in giving a lease of life to our people as much as is within my power. The tactics to drive home this strategy is encapsulated in the resonating and reassuring ‘DOING GOOD’ drive.
“One of the major agenda on my social contract with the good people of Lagos East Senatorial District is youth development for global readiness, Abiru stressed.

Speaking on his strategies, Abiru revealed that he was pushing multi dimensional approaches to tackle socio-economic challenges confronting the youth and other members of his constituency.

He said, “This, I have sought to achieve with multi-dimensional approaches, which include: collaborations; co-creations; funding; infrastructural interventions, capacity building; etc.

” It is a part of this that has given birth to the annual ‘’Senator Tokunbo Abiru Bursary endowment fund’’ to support and encourage our star students in their respective tertiary Institutions of learning- the reason we are all here today.

“The objective of this scheme is to promote higher qualitative education by supporting brilliant students but who have challenges funding their education in furtherance of their academic pursuit”.

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