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DCP Lizzie Ekpendu (m)


The Deputy Comptroller of Prison, Kirikiri Female Prisons, Nigerian Correctional Services, DCP Lizzie Ekpendu has pleaded with Nigerians to maintain calmness in all circumstances. This plea is especially coming at the Ember month which is noted to be bustling with economic activities all across the country.

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At the Miss Security Nigeria 2021 Grand Finale which held last weekend in Lagos, the Kirikiri Female Prisons Head rehashed: ‘In the Nigerian or African situation, it is important to put it at the back of our minds that there are some times that people don’t plan but find themselves in police station, the next thing, they are in Correctional Centre. Or in some cases, they find themselves in mortuary or in the hospital.’

L-R: Vice President, Evolving Women in Politics (EWIP), Hajia Raliat Abdulsalam; Deputy Comptroller of Prison, Kirikiri Female Prisons, Nigerian Correctional Services, DCP Lizzie Ekpendu and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Lagos Police Command, ACP Ola Agboola at Miss Security Nigeria 2021.

About the herculean task that they do in the Nigeria Correctional Service, the Head of the agency said: ‘This is how many of our officers have become counselors to people who are even older than us. We hope that those with us by the time they leave will not find themselves back. This is the aim of the Nigeria Correctional Service.’

‘Many people are in the Correctional Centre and they have no idea why they found themselves in there. So please keep yourself away from anger. Please tow the line of peace and security’, she advised.

DCP Lizzie Ekpendu delivering her speech at the Miss Security Nigeria 2021

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