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Hon. Uchenna Harris Annie Okonkwo. A political scientist and business administrator.

The son of senator Annie Okonkwo, the Agu n’ Echenma of Ojooto, Honourable Uche Okonkwo has made a very passionate call to the people of Anambra state most especially the youths.

November 6th, 2021, is slated for the Anambra State Governorship election with INEC fuly prepared and ready to conduct the elections where about 18 candidates from various registered political parties are to contest for who becomes the Executive Governor of Anambra State. Honourable Uche Harris Okonkwo the founder of LET’S GET EMPOWERED FOUNDATION, an advocacy group for scaling up, and supporting youths in Nigerian, this appeal was made in a statement made available to African Times Magazine on Sunday.

Honourable Uche Okonkwo admonished Anambra youths to seize the moment and create bold narratives as catalysts for positive change and eschew all forms of violence before, during and after the polls.

Honourable Uche Okonkwo further advised all the good people of Anambra state to vote , defend and secure their votes so as to make a quick return of peace in Anambra state and the South East in general.

Okonkwo, assured that more than anything else in the current unflattering Igbo trajectory, the Anambra elections could still be used by all to erase the impression, that “we have suddenly become ungovernable and haters of themselves.
Said he: “When I look towards my dear state, I shudder at the amount of militarisation our space has seen, I cringe at the size of weapons cracking holes of death on the bodies of our youths, fathers, mothers, and the society in general.

“As a youth myself, i’m aware that profound capabilities of our collective energy and strength, when put in the right perspective wil put an end to violence bring about peace and progress to any nation considering the energy and exerience of the youths in that country.

On the governorship elections proper, Okonkwo said, it would be a tragic irony to watch and be denied of positing a clear verdict of who shall govern the state better democratically and constitutionally in this election, from what is believed to be the best contenders Anambra state has put up in recent times.

Stated Okonkwo: “Let us say no loudly to the sinister conspiracy to burn our harvests when the fruits are due, and our barns are empty, through the prosperity of votes and free choice.

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“The candidates have spoken and appealed. We have heard and seen them. Our duty now is to choose, vote and defend the votes, because no matter the fear or the refusal to vote, a leader must emerge, and may he never be our regrets, than our sacred triumph.

Rivetting on the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, the convener of Let’s Get Empowered Foundation, said that it was obvious that when a child cries and points fixedly to a direction, if his mother is not there, then certainly the daddy is.

The direction of IPOB, he noted, was fixed on self-determination, an expression fundamental to their rights, pointing out that they had built a massive social capital, with followership no one could ignore.

He however expressed regret over what he described as IPOB’s seeming inability to apply the relevant skill and strategy to manage that huge resource with purpose, to build consensus and broader inclusion.

He observed that this had tendended to create avenue for extra legal compulsions that gave rise to radicalisation, infiltration and almost hijack by elements alien to their expressed pursuits.

Okonkwo, therefore appealed to IPOB to tread the path of de-escalation of tensions in the South-East for a more conducive atmosphere in the region

Said he: “I appeal to them to please take the lead to deescalate tensions in South East for a creative engagement and synergy that generate bigger wins.

“How great it would have been, if determined as they have proven, IPOB took the window to aid the process of our governorship recruitment in Anambra, and by that, influence what good governance should be in our Igbo landscape. And if they get it right, it will blossom to a more entrenched revolution with multiplier reverberations regionally and even nationally.

“There are so many positive scenarios that the wealth of their number could be put to a higher common good. I rue that their leader is held and being tried, that so many are in detentions nationwide, and a lot has been killed, plus countless innocent souls. Therefore, the spiral lockdowns, that aggravate insecurity and paralysed the local economy should please give way now for dialogues and deeper conversations. And I’m glad our Governors have shed their hubris, the bishops are adding their moral armour, our council of traditional rulers, their native wisdom, and so many critical stakeholders who have reached a convergence in that option.

“I once more passionately urge them to grow faith and trust these elders so that together, the festering cancer of terror in Igboland will abate and hopefully come to an end.

“It should be emphasised that all too often, the youths are victims of easy recruitment by vendors of violence who masquerade as leaders. The law and our custom should be decidedly harsh on such predators to deter their exploitation of our youths for every conceivable criminality. I again reiterate that everyone vulnerable to our grave reality in Anambra State should negotiate a new value for life, liberty and good governance by working for peace, not patronage on our election day. By saying no to rigging, no to violence and coming out to vote, we will be making huge deposits to our stocks for a better tomorrow. We must not miss it”.

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