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The race for 2023 general election is set! Many political gladiators are showing interest while political consultations, movements and positioning are taking place across the length and breadth of the country and across party lines. Over the weekend, another stakeholder consultation by the people of Imo state living in Lagos held a critical stakeholders meeting.


Termed ‘The Doable 2023 Imo Critical Stakeholders Canvass, it brought to the fore the civil unrest in Imo, the role of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Igbo politics while popular international business consultant, Mr. Poly Chinenye Ezumoha was wooed and urged by the indigenes of Imo state living in Lagos to  contest the next gubernatorial election in Imo State.

Expressing his concern over the socialpolitical event and security situation in Imo state, the businessman Poly Chinenye Ezumoha noted: ‘This is 2023 Doable Critical Stakeholders Meet to gather Imo people in Lagos to share ideas and brainstorm on the way forward over the recent happenings in our dear state; how to fix Imo state to foster Imo of your dreams. If you check what is happening in Imo state at the moment, nobody is happy with what is happening in the state and Imo people agree that this is not the kind of leadership they want. So it is up to them if they return him to office in 2023 but then I don’t think so and that is why we are saying there is a better alternative and we need to critically seek solution together.’

‘My track record shows that I am not a politician. I am coming out of my private life to help my state. The core politician have destroyed the state, I am coming from the corporate background to rebuild the state. We are not campaigning at the moment; my people are calling on me to contest but I believe I will solve the security problems by bringing all the stakeholders to the table and share reasons why we need to live together in harmony.’

‘I am starting this critical stakeholders meeting in Lagos because everyone that lives in Lagos has a family they control in Imo state. Every political step you take has its target – the target of this is to draw the people here to Imo in order to involve them in the process. I hope to stand as APGA candidate when the time comes.’

When asked about the ongoing trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, Mr. Poly Ezumoha shared: ‘I want the political leaders of the state to prevail on the President to handle the issue of Nnamdi Kanu meticulously to avoid escalating the fragile security and peace in the state.

Even though not everyone is an IPOB member but many have soft spot for what he stands for, if anything happens to him the Southeast may be worse than Northeast or Northwest and that is why I am calling on the political leaders to please handle his case with care.’

The Royal father of the occasion, HRH Hon Igwe Kelvin Ama Etonihu at the event spoke on Imo state issue: ‘The current issues in Imo state is depressing for a state that is the most peaceful in Nigeria. Poly Ezumoha popularly known as ‘PolySamez’, the chairman of the Doable Team, came to me and told me he wants to run for governorship and I think that is good. With the way he has worked, I am convinced he has good plans for Imo. But you know a lot of people have said this in the past but I want to believe that all he has told us today he will keep to his word.’

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Meanwhile, the highly revered royal father and Oputa Obie advised youths to still have hope in the nation, ‘I will advise youths that they should not take laws into their hands. Some of us are speaking, we are not keeping quiet. Some of them are carrying arms because they feel that there is no hope for them but I want to reassure them that there is hope – the hope is that we will transform Nigeria’, he assured.

The Chairman of APGA Imo state, Hon. John Iwuala who was also present at the event disclosed: ‘The essence of today’s gathering is to partner Imo APGA and the group ‘Doable Team’ led by Chief Poly  Chinenye Ezumoha to bring Imo citizens in Lagos and its environs to come together to support APGA for a better Imo state. The lost glory of APGA in Imo has been restored. Imo indigenes resident in Imo has seen APGA as the party to rescue Imo. Rochas Okorocha came on a rescue mission but he failed.

So APGA has come to rescue both the rescuer and the rescued. Imo state is to be rescued from the hands of political bandits and kidnappers. The bondage of Imo state is not because of curse from God but because of political godfatherism.’

On the businessman Mr. Poly Ezumoha who showed interest, Hon. Iwuala said he has not endorsed his candidacy by attending the event. ‘Poly Ezumoha is intending to be an aspirant. He is not yet an aspirant. It is when he purchases form and passes the rigorous stage of clearance and screening that he becomes an aspirant. I am not endorsing his candidacy. I am like a referee in the football game. He is a member of the party and has a vision and he invited me to come that is why I am here.’

‘He has not even declared because he has to come to Imo to ask for what is required from his ward to LGA then to state and the national leadership before he declares his intention. Our doors are open, the more the intending aspirants, the better.’

The party chairman then called on all APGA members to return to the fold, ‘We are preaching to our aggrieved members to come back, most of them are partyless because PDP and APC are in quagmire and full of interlopers and suffering from political myopia. We are calling them to return to their original fold. Rochas Okorocha has freedom of expression if he feels he wants to come back, we will look at it and see if he has fulfilled all requirements in the party constitution. We cannot stop him.’

Also present at the event, Hon. Celestine Onyia, Chairman, Anambra demands for Soludo noted about Poly Ezumoha, ‘I like his courage for him to come out boldly to declare his interest. Imo state is divided into 3 senatorial zones – Orlu zone has had enough, it is high time it moves to Okigwe or Owerri. Owerri zone has not tasted power. Anambra and Imo share the same political ideology and come from same political region so I am here today to support Poly Ezumoha who is coming out to contest for Imo governorship under APGA. We want to encourage and give him support.’

On the role of his group to bring Chukwuma Soludo to the governorship of Anambra state, Hon. Onyia remarked: ‘We have been promoting Soludo to be the next governor of Anambra state. A lot of groundwork is being done. We have been able to encourage our people to participate in the ongoing Continuous Voters Registration exercise. Besides we are mobilizing, having consultations and getting grassroot support. We believe if election is free and fair, Soludo will win 80% of the roles in Anambra’.

‘Besides I got this position because of my political experience as a partyman in APGA. I have been a member of the House of Reps of APGA (2003-2007) and other positions in the party. With my wealth of knowledge, I was called upon to mobilize for Soludo as our candidate. I see him as a viable candidate because he has the knowledge of what it takes to move a state and even a nation forward.

We are at the stage of the general elections and we trust that he will emerge irrespective of the shenanigans and bottlenecks being placed on the path, we are sure he will come out victorious. He has agenda for the upliftment of Anambra both socially and economically not only Anambra but Southeast generally. We believe if he gets the opportunity, he can move the nation from Third World to First World.’

In a short welcome address to all attendees to the event, the Special Guest of the occasion, Chief Chuks Okeugiri said: ‘Everybody is aware of the state of the affairs in Imo state and the need for a change. Imo is a state that is blessed with peaceful people, a peaceful environment, and will always wish the best for the state. But I can assure you that in the past few years, Imo has not really been blessed with that kind of leadership politically, hence the need for this meeting today and make sure that whatever we have to do – those of us here are generals in our own ramifications – we will participate in the process that will produce the next governor.’

On the political aspirant, Poly Ezumoha, the Special Guest stated: ‘I have seen a man who has positioned himself to say I will take that role and I consider him as a man that we can be proud of as a governor. I urge everyone here to please participate and make your own contributions among what will make the journey a successful one.’

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