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Lagos4lagos acquaints journalists her experience before, during and after Appearing before the appeal committee

On: October 19, 2021 - In: News - No comments


A check and balance group of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos state, Lagos4lagos on Friday briefed journalists on her experience before, during and after presenting and defending their petition before the Lagos State APC Ward Congress Appeal Committee set up by the Gov. Mai Mala Buni led National Caretaker Committee.

Lagos4lagos Lead Visioner, Olajide Adediran (Jandor) and his team, at the press briefing said all members of lagos4lagos elected on the 31st of July 2021 are the confirmed executives in the entire 245 wards in Lagos State.

He said in the face of the law, the Tunde Balogun led caretaker committee has lost out.

“In my own case, I was at my own ward in Ward G Ojo Local government. All the aspirants for the ward exco were there. I stood there along thousands of people when the affirmation process commenced.

“That shows we did something according to the rules of the party and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

“Lagos4lagos challenge them from the party chairman to all rank and files in the party to present their evidences to show they did something on the Congress date”. He said

He said if the governor is the leader of the party, it is expected that the governor should have led that process by going to his ward standing behind an aspiring executive member from his ward in the name of affirmation or elective Congress as the case may be. That will show something happened.

Honourable Segun Aka-Bashorun former vice chairman kosofe local government and apex leader in lagos4lagos movement corroborated Adediran in his remarks saying the reasons they don’t want to contest is because they are afraid we are in the majority and they don’t want to test because they are not a democrat.

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“The Congress committee were supposed to give us the names of the contenders whether 3 or 5. None of this was done. We were following the rules all the way and documenting to show Tunde Balogun led APC caretaker committee were not prepared in conducting any congresses, they are interested in purely writing the names and doing the usual selective imposition. So we want to show evidences that they are not serious.

“On the day of the Congress, we went to the official venue from the national where the congresses were suppose to be held. We follow the rules so we can catch these people with their act of impunity.

“We didn’t see the ward Congress committee, they didn’t come. We called INEC. We told INEC they are supposed to be here to witness this congresses. When we didn’t see other contenders, we did affirmation, we did the video, kept it and submitted it to the appeal committee.

Aka-Bashorun said if you are going to be a contender, you go and buy forms, you pay.

“All our over 6000 members excos paid individually, they have their own individual teller. When they paid, they have their name and phone number on the form. They were supposed to take the teller to the secretariat to collect their forms. We were denied, we were rigmaroled.

“If you are in power, you shouldn’t be afraid to come to test except you are afraid that you are in the minority”. He said

Prince Sunday Ajayi another apex leader in lagos4lagos in his account of his experience at the Congress stakeholders meeting said the chairman of the Congress committee only read the guidelines and declined to give them answers to the whereabout of the forms, aspirants lists, electoral committee at about 9 hours to the commencement of the congress.

“Imagine in the last local government election, the total no of votes cast in lagos state is 500,000 or thereabout out of 2 million that registered in Lagos state. Since we boycotted the local council election, it shows the 2 million votes left behind belongs to Lagos4lagos.

“Whatever things that is going to come on board,consensus or sharing formular, our group should have the largest share, because they have paraded with people from various local government that have no linkage. Prince Ajayi asserted.

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