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NIS, Italian Consulate in a Diplomatic Ties

On: May 3, 2021 - In: News - No comments

NIS, Italian Consulate in a Diplomatic Ties

By Mathias Williams, African Times Magazine

The Comptroller of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Lagos Command, Comptroller Bauchi Ahmed Aliyu fsi,pcc+, has paid a courtesy visit to the Italian Consul General in Lagos, Dr Mauricio Busanelli, in his office.

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The two leaders, during the visit, explored various areas of possible mutual cooperation among which is the facilitation of travel arrangements for both nationalities while touring their both countries.

The meeting also presented an opportunity for both parties to a parties to share ideas on measures that will ensure that the existing productive relationship between the Consulate and Command is maintained and improved upon.

The NIS Lagos Command has remained in the forefront of the fight against illegal immigration across the country’s borders, and maintaining stress-free administration of travel exigencies.

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