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By African Times Magazine

It was a day of celebration and honour for AIG Ahmed Iliyasu during the week as he bowed out of the Nigerian Police after years of meritorious service to the law enforcement agency and the country at large. This was after clocking the mandatory 60 years of age.

Friends of AIG Ahmed Iliyasu within and outside the Police Force converged at the Zone 2 headquarters to give him a befitting birthday and retirement ceremony. The AIG who is a proponent of community policing also had members of many communities where he had previously worked join him in the celebration. The media was also well represented at the event as he is known to accommodate the fourth estate of the realm.

AIG Iliyasu whom many noted to have an amiable personality was full of joy and exhibited it by dancing gleefully. Many praised his open door policy. He was known to own a single phone line for ease of reach and even when you call and he didn’t pick, he will return the call.

Attendees at the event poured out their commendations and well-wishes to the super cop as he steps into another phase of life.

Within the force, many officers and men had kind words to share about him. CSP Uba Adams remarked: ‘AIG Iliyasu is not just my boss and mentor, he is my father. My story cannot be complete without having AIG Iliyasu. The police and Nigerians will miss him. He is an advocate for community policing. He is a media-friendly officer.’

‘To every beginning there is surely an end. Even if he is giving another time in the police, it will still end. He has left many legacies as he bows out. We are all witnesses to what he did as CP in Ogun and Kano and then here in Zone 2.’

ACP Saadat Ismail noted: ‘AIG Ahmed Iliyasu has restored sanity to Zone 2. He is a very intelligent man, his brain is like that of a computer. He is self-disciplined. He loves justice. Since his assumption as AIG, you can’t just bring cases anyhow from the divisions, he will ask you to go back. He doesn’t allow us to transfer cases anyhow in order to avoid injustice. He is a father and role model to police officers. If you work closely with him, you will love the job. I want to believe he still has a lot to contribute to the Nigeria Police Force and Nigeria as a whole. I want to wish him long life and prosperity.’
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DCP Adegoke Fayoade said: ‘When you join the police, there is surely of retirement. AIG Ahmed Iliyasu is undoubtedly a super-cop. He is always alive to his responsibility and always on top of the job. As an area commander when I worked with him when he was CP in Ogun state, I could call him 1am, 2am and he will pick his call. He is of the stance that the job must be done and must be done the way he wants in a standard manner. He is a man of standards. We will continue to tap from his wealth of experience.’

‘He is a community man. He believes in community efforts so he won’t have issues returning to the community. He has a friendly disposition.’

Other friends and associates outside of the police spoke glowingly of the former police boss in Zone 2, AIG Iliyasu. On his part, security consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Badison Security, Mr. Matthew Ibadin commented ‘The AIG is not retired. He has gone ahead to start a new life. I remember when I organized a conference for PCRC Victoria Island, the AIG couldn’t come, he sent a representative and also gave us N50,000. I have never seen a police officer send money. He is a civilian in police uniform. We are here today to tell him that we love and appreciate him.’

‘We will miss his open door policy. You don’t have to fill out a form to enter his office. He listens and takes you as a son. He listens to both parties and takes decision. He treats everybody on merit. He looks at each case file carefully. Saturday, you will see him. Sunday, you will see him. He is a great man.’

A friend, Mr. Ahmed said: ‘AIG Iliyasu is a close friend of mine. He has brought a lot of progress to our community. He helps, he gives, and advises. He is a good father to everyone.’

Barr. Michael Enyinnaya, Principal Partner of Country Hill said: ‘He has a cordial relationship with us as lawyers. He makes sure that everyone is heard. He should continue to be a good example to the world. He should hold on to the truth. I pray that God will guide him and protect him.’

A woman shared ‘I have the good fortune of meeting him in Abeokuta in 2018. There is no air of pride in him. I told my friend that this CP is so fine and we collected his number. His motto was Zero Tolerance for crime in Ogun state. He delivered a lecture at the Judges Conference and I liked it. Anytime we call him whether day or night, he is always there. He will patiently listen to you and look into the matter. He is a problem solver. He is a man of integrity.’

Meanwhile, the National President of the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP), Mr. Oki Samson stated that, “AIG Ahmed Iliyasu is also an intelligent, very vibrant, humble senior officer. An officer whose phone number is available to any complains at any time even at wee hours of the day. He is a media friendly AIG with open door policies who during #Endsars and Covid 19 pandemic lockdown period was very available for the journalists regards any vital information needed”.

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