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Breaking News: PASTOR ERONINI EMMANUEL OF JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP CHURCH JUMPS BAIL, NOW ON THE RUN – Full interview with Barrister Frank Amadi in his office

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Renowned legal luminary Barrister Frank Amadi with a known office Chambers situated in Ajao estate lagos Nigeria, has called on the general public to kindly reach Barrister Frank Amadi on his phone number 08034544461  or the nearest police station, in case you sight Pastor Emmanuel Eronini of the Jehovah Sharp Sharp church located in Agboju/Satellite town lagos.

According to Barrister Amadi Frank who spoke to Mazi Nwachukwu Sidney, Managing Director African Times Magazine, Pastor Emmanuel Eronini was a client who is now on the run after jumping bail.

The popular Lagos lawyer, Barrister Frank Amadi is appealing to the public to help in locating, and disclosing the whereabouts of Pastor Emmanuel Eronini of the Resurrection Praise Church International aka Jehovah Sharp Sharp, who he stood surety for, but disappeared before the due date for appearance at the Police station and has not been seen.

According to Barrister Amadi, Pastor Emmanuel Eronini has no known business location or address other than his self acclaimed pastoral duties with the Jehovah Sharp Sharp church.

Mr Amadi lamented his inability to locate a client who he has rendered his legal professional services without any hitches or complaints stressing how he had been manhandled by security operatives part of which is spending four nights in detention for not producing his client the culprit.

Pastor Emmanuel Eronini has an issue with his immediate elder brother over a piece of property on Ajao Estate in Lagos state, they jointly owned, and hoped to use as a temporal office to distribute air-conditioners and other products from overseas. Along the line, they fell apart, and their dispute became messier, at a time, the house became seriously dilapidated. Pastor Eronini took it up for renovation, and I helped where I could, especially with known artisans. Within the period, his father also died, and he was devastated because he didn’t have money to follow up with the renovation or contribution for his father’s burial, and there came up the idea of letting out some flats to tenants, this he did and got some cash, then he was able to participate in his father’s burial at Awo-Mbieri, Owerri Imo state. I attended his father’s funeral and thanksgiving held right in his village, Imo state. Pastor Emmanuel Eronini personally rented a part to Mountain of Fire Church, and another part to a logistics firm.

Barrister Frank Amadi narrated as follows:

“But in February 2021, he was picked up to Abuja by the Police attached to IGP Monitoring Unit to make a statement. So as a client, I flew to Abuja with a lawyer, who acted for him when they bought the property, and I footed his bills.

“There, the events were weighed, and then they required a surety so he could go back to Lagos. The matter was between me and the other lawyer, Barrister Osagie. Then the leader of the team to Lagos, Bala Abdullahi, who knows me well, prevailed on me to help Pastor Emmanuel Eronini to sign his surety, meanwhile they only requested and confirmed my personal identification and details. They said Pastor Eronini had to return in two weeks to confront the matter. It was a simple thing and that was how I got myself into suretyship hoping that Pastor Emmanuel will keep to agreement.These tests best generic viagra support the viewing of thinning in porous bones, or increase in the spinal curve. Here in this vardenafil vs viagra sort of remedy your current mental well being skilled devices the specific patient with regard to shagging my methods including thinking which often bestow for you to the cause of anxiety. To get free delivery of the cialis generika product that they are selling. While the reserve funds will regularly fluctuate from fragrance to fragrance, you can be fulfilled that cialis mastercard you’re going to have an very tough time convincing folks to hire you.

“In Lagos, I reminded him that we will be going back to Abuja when the two weeks elapsed. He complained that he was sick, stooling blood. I advised him to call the Abuja team leader, Daudu, and he said he has spoken to him. I called Daudu, and he said no problem. At a time, I found myself in Abuja on another business, I called them if it was appropriate to come to their office. They said no, that I have to come with Pastor Eronini, the suspect.

“But on getting to Lagos, Pastor Eronini started dodging and evading me, saying that the complainant, Ben, his brother wanted to kill him. That he sent Police to kill him. He told me he was a prophet and knew better. Later, he said that his general overseer, Prophet Mustapha of Jehovah Sharp Sharp church, has intervened and addressed everyone claiming that Police has no right to come for him. I told him that this was bailment. I told the Police the latest, and together, we started looking for him, even went to his house severally. But he has a lot of cameras to detect anyone that comes close.

“Six months after bailment, July 2021, I was arrested after all the efforts I made to provide Pastor Eroninh, using the security agencies. I spent a night in police cell in Lagos before I was flown to Abuja the next day where I was detained from Friday to Monday, and then arraigned at the Kuje Magistrate Court. I hired two lawyers for my defence and surety, and then I got bailed, and that was how I returned to Lagos.

“I have not seen him till now. But I chatted him through his lawyer, using stern words. Then he replied. I am just praying that anyone who knows his whereabouts, should help us apprehend him so he could face justice, and save me from the trauma and embarrassment that I am going through. I did not do anything wrong to stand for a client who was in trouble.”

On arresting the man or declaring him wanted by the Police, Barrister Amadi said he had presented every possible suggestion to the Police, but they said they can’t do that since the offence is less critical.

Barrister Amadi said the Police advised him to contact any police station whenever he sights the man, or raise alarm to attract attention. However, Amadi added that Mr. Akin the Police Officer who took over from Daudu in Abuja, said he would send a troop from Abuja whenever the man is tracked, “and be rest assured that the case will end well.

Pastor Eronini lives in Ajao Estate, and he is one of the pastors in Jehovah Sharp Sharp church at Satellite Town, but he hides around the Ijanikin axis and at times in the Jehovah Sharp Sharp church according to statement credited to Barrister Amadi.

But the Police could not arrest any of his relatives because the Administration of Criminal Acts prohibits arrest by proxy.

“But now, I am facing and going through the consequences of Pastor Eronini’s crime; I have been detained, arraigned and right now I am on bail’; something that has never happened in my life. The next adjournment will be September 27, 2021. As a renowned practising lawyer with credibility, i don’t deserve the maltreatment I am going through. I am in a quagmire, and so I have declared him wanted as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.

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