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It was a moment of joy as the Pioneer of Real Acts of Kindness (RAK) Development Foundation, Mr Mobolaji Ogunlende on Friday handed over a new house built by his NGO to the family of Mr Felix Fagbeji, a cotton weaver, who lost his house and property to fire outbreak at Sakpo community in Badagry on Dec.17 around 8:30p.m

Ogunlende who was at the community on December 22 expressed shock over the fire incident and promised to build a new house for the family which is expected to be completed before the end of 2021.

According to Ogunlende, I saw the pictures of the burnt house online and I became restless. I had to leave my event to go and see the family and I was happy to see all alive.

“I can’t imagine what it would feel like to watch one’s house get burnt down in an inferno with properties perished, I know all these will pain you but it is replaceable. I want to assure you that the house will be rebuilt and handed over to you before the beginning of 2022,” he said.



Inaugurating the building on Friday in Badagry, Ogunlende said that the new building would remain a testimony to the family. According to him, if Mr Fagbeji will talk now, it is going to be history to his family.
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“He will be recounting how his daughter suddenly stood up and discovered that the former house had caught fire and she was shouting fire, fire, fire and within a few minutes the whole house was burnt down with all properties inside. But to the glory of God through Ogunlende, another house was built for us. It has become a history and testimony now. Everyone of us should learn one thing from the incident, if we sit and think we will realize that there is a living God who will always help his children. Though God will not come down to do it for you but He will always send people to assist you. Today we are here to commission the house so that the owner can start to live in it,” he said.


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Ogunlende commended the contractor that built the house for a good work done without supervision.

At the handing over, a group of people called Friends of RAK – FoRAK also donated food items and clothes for the family to start life again.


This according to Mr. Wande Olaide Seton, a representative of FoRAK is born out of passion for the Pioneer and the countless lessons learnt through his humanitarian services for the good people of Badagry. He promised that FoRAK members would be checking on the family occasionally to see their welfare.

Ogunlende commended FoRAK members for their commitment, adding that to be our brother’s keeper is an obligation for all.

Mr Fagbeji, the father of the affected family cannot hide his happiness as he was handed the keys to the building. He thanked Ogunlende for putting smiles back on their faces, adding that the family and the whole community would not forget what he had done for them.

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