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KPMG Lists Ecobank Nigeria Among Top Five Customer Experience Leaders In Nigeria  

On: January 18, 2022 - In: News - No comments



KPMG, Nigeria’s Leading audit and professional services company, has ranked Ecobank Nigeria among the top five leading banks in Wholesale (Corporate) Banking in the KPMG Customers’ Experience and Satisfaction Survey. Ecobank moved eight places higher than its 2020 classification, and ranked number five in the 2021 survey of Nigerian banks. The top banks in order of rating include Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, FCMB, Zenith and Ecobank Nigeria.

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According to KPMG, Ecobank and other leaders in the segment demonstrated digital banking excellence with higher transaction volumes; adding that they were seen as partners to corporates and also move quickly to address and exceed customer needs. “Our annual banking survey continues to provide an independent platform for banks and other organizations to acquire this outside-in perspective and understand the voice and priorities of Nigerian customers. This year, our results reveal a very competitive landscape in the race for the customer and at the same time, customer feedback that recognizes the effort and innovation of Nigerian banks.” Specifically, it stated that “In the report, we explore, in more detail, key priorities for corporates such as transaction banking support as well as the payments experience for retail customers.”

The KPMG Nigeria Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey has been held annually for the last 15 years with the 2021 edition themed “Changing Customer, Changing Priorities”. The experience survey measures the performance of lenders in the country in terms of their relationship with their account holders and other users of financial services. They are usually rated in three categories – Retail, SME and Wholesale. The 2020 survey covered 15,056 retail customers, 1,856 SMEs and 332 commercial/corporate organisations. Respondents were selected from customers who have interacted with their banks in the last six months.


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