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Why I was removed as Governor of Lagos

1) I constructed 22 roads in Alimosho and refused to award any of the contracts to Aregbesola and co.

2) I insisted that contracts that had been awarded to party leaders under Fashola must be executed before they can be awarded new contracts under my regime.

3) I wanted to phase out Danfos and Area boys from the streets of Lagos and introduce smarter means of transportation without Area boys and Agberos.

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4) I refused to pad the budget with 10% for house of assembly members led by Bayo Osinowo and Mudashir Obasa.

5) I refused to grant the concession of 4th mainland bridge to Tinubu’s Hitech

6) I refused to increase the amount of money being paid from the state revenue to Tinubu through Alpha Beta from 10% to 20%

7) I developed Epe. Epe was never in their master plan.

8) I refused to support Aregbesola and Bayo Osinowo’s senatorial ambitions because they are not Lagosians.

9) I refused to use Lagos state funds to finance osun elections.

10) I opposed Tinubu’s succession plan, which will see his son Seyi Tinubu becoming the next Governor of Lagos state.

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