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On: April 4, 2023 - In: Headlines - No comments



Senior special assistant on Sports to Lagos governor and also the DG of team Lagos has vehemently opposed and hit out on some bad losers, who have refused to accept the fact that, president elect, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, has the the presidential elections fair and square and that there nothing anybody or group will say or do to change that fact, because God is fully involved with Tinubu as the next president of this great country.
Adeboye, further said, some people are just haters, who dont love the progress of this country and are hell bent in misleading and inciting the people into causing confusion in the country.
He further said, that, anyone or party who feels hard done by the successful and credible presidential elections, should go to court, rather than trying to cause anarchy and disunity in the country.
“I want to say, enough of all these negative threats and inciting words from some unscrupulous bad losers, who just for their selfish interests, want to truncate or cause confusion in the smooth transition of the Presidency, we want to withness, I want to say, they will just groan in vain, because, God has ordained, Tinubu as the next president of this country” he said.



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