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Over one thousand attendees mostly women, on Saturday the 2nd of December, 2023attended “The Great Landfall of the Holy Spirit” programme hosted by Bishop (Dr) Joseph Ighalo-Edoro ahead of Christmas.


The programme featured ministrations in the word of God by Apostle Bolaji Akinyemi who commended Bishop Ighalo-Edoro for organizing the programme and encouraged the attendees to trust in the lord at all times regardless of the situation they face knowing that God can meet them at the point of their need as long as they continue to trust in him.




Others who ministered in songs include the popular reggae maestro now gospel singer, Orits Wiliki, and numerous others.


On his part, Bishop Ighalo-Edoro ministered the word of God to the attendees, conducted deliverance to the sick and oppressed, and anointed them for healing as the people continued to surge not minding the intensity of the sun.


Then it was the moment the attendees looked forward to; distribution of food items and clothing materials which went round the over 1000 attendees.




Some of the elated recipients who spoke to our correspondent commended the Bishop for organizing the programme and prayed to God to help him to continue to sustain it.


Speaking to newsmen at the end of the programme, Bishop Ighalo-Edoro expressed happiness at the number of attendees and the enthusiasm they showed during the programme. He stated that the programme was inspired by the love of God.


The Bishop who disclosed that he has been able to sustain the programme for the third year admitted that though sustaining it has not been easy but God has remained faithful.


“When I was preparing for this year’s edition, it got to a point that I needed some money, somebody called me from Ikorodu and said he wanted a half plot of land and sent the money without seeing me. That’s God for you! As I speak with you now, I don’t know who the person is,” he disclosed.


Asked how he has been able to sustain the programme, the bishop who also runs a humanitarian foundation said, “Well, I’m already sustaining it. This is the third year now. I am happy! You can see the people are happy too. When we were praying, the people were never tired even coming under the sun. I have not rested.”


He stated that the declarations he made to the attendees during his ministration were according to the Spirit of God.



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