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If you are still waiting for the day Christmas funfair will take off at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, then you are about to miss the train. That’s because the Christmas funfair is here already, and started long ago!

So jump on the moving train to catch up with the fun. It’s daily, it’s hourly. It’s 24/7, the time belongs to you and your activities planning officials on duty.


Wake up in the morning to your chosen exercise: a walk on the beach, jogging on the beach, football on the beach, football on a carpeted pitch, a game of table tennis, lawn tennis, volleyball, badminton, horse riding, nature watching, early morning painting, swimming, going on monkey trail, or just spending time at the gym before getting ready for breakfast.


Remember, breakfast is a show at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. With an array of 30 options to choose from at the breakfast buffet, it is a time to relax and enjoy the outdoor, to feel the environment, to savour the neat, unpolluted air, to eat by the ocean or the lagoon or even on a boat cruise.


The meals are creatively made and creatively served. You don’t have to rush your meal, because you have enough time to enjoy the cultural dances, songs and tradition drumming by Atunda Entertainment, which takes you away with your meal to another land. Many guests after their meal, shake it off with dance steps from Atunda Entertainment drum beats that reminds you of your land of birth wherever it is in Africa. There after you can watch the children doing their thing, having Christmas grotto fun and parties. The DJ Christmas party is alive here too with lots of children fun games.


You are on holiday so you can thrill yourself reading a novel under a coconut tree while sipping a coconut mix drink and enjoying the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. You could snack while stopping by at different locations around the resort. You could choose to plait your hair at Wadi, or just have a new hair-do for the season, you could spend time at the spa or learn new songs or African dances and costumes. Or you could transform to a model and snap yourself a thousand memorable photos.


At La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Suya and Asun does not wait for evening. You can order them in the afternoon too. And you can have it spiced to your taste and enjoy the sumptuous taste with your choice drink.


Come prepared to swim or enjoy one water sport or another. Or ride the kayak on the Lagoon. And if you want to go underwater, book ahead for it, scuba diving is available here too!

Don’t miss the bonfire night! It comes with lot of good luck! Many single ladies have met their life time partners here at bonfire moments. It’s an opportunity for great fun, laughter, jokes, adult games, music, dance, drinks and also for the most popularly served and desired drink, the African Palmwine!


Your La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort Experience is not complete, until you have taken part in 100% of what we offer, or at least 98%. If not, you have to do it again!

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