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L-R: Michael Alao, Chief Logistic Officer, EyiEko Movement, Otunba Sesi Tobiloba, J.P. Chairman, Obawole youth Group,

Otunba Eyitayo Ogunmola, Convener, EyiEko Movement, Chief Imam, Ridwalin Muhamed Raji, Chief Imam Obawole central Mosque and Comrade (Mrs) Balogun Tuner Folashade, during the EyiEko movement Empowerments & Appreciation for over 300 members, held at Ifako Ijaye in Lagos, yesterday




Otunba Eyitayo Ogunmola, through his Eyi-Eko Trust Fund, today appreciates and empowers Eyi-Eko Team members who have served through thick and thin as a means of alleviating relief in the current economic situation in Ifako-Ijaye Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.


Over 35 of the team leaders go home with cash support, while over 300 members also get food Palliatives.


While addressing the press at the event, Otunba Ogunmola said, I was born and have lived all my life in Ifako-Ijaiye. I’ve seen this community grow. I’ve seen people that I grew up with go and do big things and prosper. And one of the things that we are doing is creating a social movement that gives back to this community.


This is where we’ve lived all our lives. We’ve seen older people get aged. We’ve seen people with disabilities who are really in need of help and need support. We’ve seen women and children that need to be supported, especially children that need to go to school.


So one of the things that we are doing with the Eyi-Eko movement is to give back to this community so that we can have better people, better individuals, and a better country at large.


The interesting thing now is that there’s renewed hope. We are all moving the same agenda for a better country, a better Nigeria. But this cannot just be the work of the government. It has to be the work of the private sector. It has to be the work of non-profit organizations. And most importantly, individuals like myself, you know, would believe in the agenda of renewed hope and would believe that, as a country, we can all live together and do better.


We need to take our resources and invest in the community that makes us, that builds us. And that’s what I’m doing. And that’s what I’m also calling on other people to do. Today, over 300 people are meant to benefit from Eyi-Eko movement initiatives.


Not just palliatives or cash rewards, we run a tech scholarship for young people in this community to learn technology skills. We have a vocational training program for young people to learn skills. We have a football competition that we’ve done two times for young people to showcase their talent.


We have school programs where we are helping people who need to still go back to school to fund their education. We have rates for different programs for young people, but we’re not just focused on young people.


They are older people, they are children, and they are people with disabilities. We are doing several projects for this community.

And that’s the message that I send to those who intend to benefit from this. I mean, the message is simple. You know, you people raised me in this community. Every face that I see here raised me. And what I’m giving back to the community should also have a ripple effect.


Eyitayo Ogunmola also called on high-profile individuals in Ifako-Ijaye to take their resources and give back to the community where they were raised, adding that if we all invest in this community, what we would have is a better life for everyone in Ifako-Ijaye. Ogunmola also encourages all younger people to come out and invest their resources in the community so as to raise better individuals and grow up together.


Who is Eyitayo Ogunmola?


Eyitayo Ogunmola is a technology and impact entrepreneur, the founder of Utiva, who built the largest tech learning company on the continent with over 90,000 people and clients among the biggest global brands.


As a tech entrepreneur, he is popularly celebrated as the ‘Tech and Web3 Evangelist’. Helping Africans move into future skills and helping companies from anywhere in the world hire smart talents.


Eyitayo is a 2020 Facebook Community Leader, an Antler Entrepreneur, a 2020 Halcyon Incubator Fellow in the US, a 2019 Global Good Funds Fellow (United States), a 2018 Chevening Scholar (funded by the UK Government), a 2016 Atlas Corps Fellow (United States), a 2019 Unleash Talent (Shenzhen, China), a 2015 NLI Associate Fellow, and a 2014 Carrington Youth Fellow.


Eyitayo worked with CreativeDC in the US as a product manager and moved to work with Afrissance as a Vice President partnership. He also consulted for the Royal Bank of Scotland on Change Management. He also studied Business Strategy and Change at Edinburgh Business School and consults as an AI Product Manager.




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