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The National Chairman of the Association of Local Government Vice-Chairman of Nigeria, Aarebirin Honourable (Dr) Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba has beckoned Muslims and, indeed, all Nigerians to continue to pray fervently to God for peace, security, unity and progress of the country.

Folashade-Oba, Executive Vice-Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government made the call in her Message, congratulating Muslims as they celebrate Eid-el-Fitr.

According to the Director General of the Asiwaju Distinguished Ambassadors Movement (ADAM), Folashade-Oba in her statement to Ikorodu News Network (INN) wished the Muslim faithfuls, blessings and guidance of Allah, urging Nigerians to embrace peace, love, tolerance and sacrifice, which are the exemplary virtues of the Holy Prophet Mohammed.

She prayed for a peaceful and pleasant celebration, emphasizing the importance of the religious event towards the enhancement of peace, security, unity and progress of the country is withstanding.

Explaining further, Folashade-Oba said, “Our Muslim brethren must take seriously, the word of the Prophet which finds expression in serenity, harmony, devotion, renunciation and fear of God in all they do as patriots”.

“Conducting this month-long fast as a form of spiritual exercise provides the zeal to apply the tenets of faith and what has been learnt during the fasting in all actions”.

“As we gaze towards a new administration of renewed hope, Nigeria craves our prayers in ushering in this fresh leadership to spawn National advancement”.

“With our passion and fervent faith, we owe the country and the incoming leadership a duty to ensure that the giant of Africa lives up to everyone’s expectations” Folashade-Oba asserted.

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