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The South-East region witnessed a significant milestone as Governor Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, inaugurated the first-ever steel manufacturing industry in the area.

The momentous event took place at Milton Steel Manufacturing Company, situated along the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway in Awkuzu, Oyi Local Government Council.
Milton Steel Manufacturing Company was established by its CEO, Hon. Innocent Ojike (Ojicam), who also holds the majority shares in the company alongside other partners.
Governor Soludo commended the collaborative effort of the team behind the impressive establishment, emphasizing the importance of partnerships.
In his speech, Governor Soludo celebrated three key aspects: the company, the industry, and the promotion of local pride.
He underscored the significance of the steel facility, being the first of its kind in the South-East region of Nigeria. The company will specialize in manufacturing rods of various sizes, recognizing steel as a crucial requirement for industrialization.
Governor Soludo revealed that his administration’s primary objective is to transition from a predominantly informal commercial sector to an industrialized one, featuring technological advancements and providing opportunities for leisure and entertainment.
“As a government, we are fully committed to offering every possible assistance. We have signed an agreement with EEDC to ensure round-the-clock electricity supply in the state. We will also provide the necessary infrastructure to support this transition now that it falls within our jurisdiction.
“Their main request is access to power, and we will support them in generating electricity to enhance efficiency and productivity.
“As the governor, my foremost responsibility is to serve as the chief marketing officer for all products manufactured in Anambra.
“The most effective way to create employment opportunities is by purchasing items made within the state. When you choose products produced in other countries, you are essentially generating employment for those nations,” Governor Soludo explained.
Reiterating his commitment to transforming the state into an industrial hub, Governor Soludo praised Anambra’s reputation for entrepreneurship and global partnerships.
He emphasized that his administration’s ultimate goal is to shift the state’s focus from imports to exports.
Addressing the gathering, Hon. Innocent Ojike (Ojicam), the CEO of Milton Steel Manufacturing Company and Member Representing Oyi Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly, expressed gratitude to Governor Soludo for inaugurating the company.
He shared his primary vision of encouraging Anambra indigenes in the diaspora to invest in their home state.
Ojike emphasized that the approach would create jobs locally, contribute to poverty reduction, and improve people’s standard of living. He further revealed the company’s plan to employ approximately 200 individuals initially, with intentions to hire more as the company progresses.
In a vote of thanks, Mr. Emmanuel Nweke, the Transition Committee Chairman for Oyi Local Government Area, recollected Governor Soludo’s first visit to Awkuzu in August of the previous year to inaugurate the Telemedicine Center in the vicinity. He acknowledged the Governor’s unwavering dedication to youth employment.
Also in attendance at the event were Mr. Ernest Ezeajughi, the Chief of Staff to the Governor; Mr. Christian Udechukwu, Commissioner for Industry; Sir Nobert Nworah, Managing Director of Milton Steel Company; and members of the Anambra State House of Assembly, among other distinguished guests.


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