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Nollywood actress Annie Macaulay Idibia has again asked that Nigerians stop scrutinizing her marriage.
During an episode of the Young Famous and African show, the mother of two begged critics to let her family be and stop critiquing her union.




Annie is married to Nigerian star 2baba Idibia, who since they tied the knot in 2012, has continued to welcome more children with other women.
The actress, quoted during an interview with her Young Famous and African Co-stars Khanyi Mbau said;
“When you meet someone, then you know them first and then you wake up to different people having babies for him and then he has five different kids with other women, my first child is his fifth and I met him before everybody,” she said.


“So you know what that is? You know how many humiliations and embarrassment and damn and I was like… man… How do you repeat the same mistake twice?”
In a new episode of the show, Annie pleaded with Nigerians to give her marriage a break.

“Just stop, give my marriage a break because you guys are busy hoping and praying that something is wrong with my marriage.
”And you just want me to tell you that oh “Innocent messed up”. I don’t even know who my friend is in the group”.

”Stop hoping and praying that something is wrong with Annie Idibia’s marriage.”
This is the second time, the mother of two has shed tears on the reality show.

The actress continued describing her trolls and critics as heartless, adding that many call her out for being a disgrace to women and for raising toxic kids. Annie concluded by warning people to leave them and their children.


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