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As regards luxury real estate in Nigeria, Sujimoto Construction Company headed by Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele LL.B ranks high far above the rooftop. After carving a niche for himself; his competitors are scared of the unimaginable innovation he infused into the real estate business to stand him out. From designs, construction patterns, marketing strategies, quality of materials, finicky finishing and attention to detail; Ogundele has never for once given to mediocrity. More reason he is more optimistic that the current President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Administration will pave the way for more investment opportunities in the real estate business owning to his current policy and background as a man who is vast in the construction space, making recourse to how he turned the misfortune of Lagos coastline bar-beach into Eko Atlantic; a fortune worth Billions of dollars.
Since Ogundele’s foray into the luxury real estate business, he has always wanted to outdo himself by competing with himself. He is what he thinks he is; the King of Luxury Real Estate in Africa as he has always projected his company to compete with the very best in Africa and by extension the world. With the projects already completed and still under construction, he has redefined the skyline of Lagos with breathtaking projects, especially on Lagos’ most expensive neighbourhood; Banana Island and Ikoyi axis. After completing the Guiliano by Sujimoto project years; he embarked on the Lucrezia by Sujimoto, a 15th-floor heaven on earth 4bedroom Luxury Apartment with a penthouse luxury building that is currently sold out with just two units available despite construction still ongoing.



The Property connoisseur and astute businessman is also getting set to break an impeccable feat for his upcoming project which on completion will be the first twin tower in Africa with a 3 in 1 building where one tower will be a 5-star Hotel and the other tower will be a residential condominium with a commercial Mall below in the heart of Ikoyi, Lagos. “The Leonardo Residential Condominiums we gathered will commence before the end of the year which will boast of the highest opulence of luxury across the world also the construction of the S-Hotel; a luxury hotel in the heart of Lagos that will become a rendezvous point for foreign businessmen, travellers, tourist and lovers of luxury. The S-Hotel will be built to taste and fitted with wares from popular luxurious designers across the world and will also boast of the first Glass Swimming pool on the 17th floor first of its kind in Africa.”
The Motopay boss further disclosed that; since the beginning of the present administration; his company has received over 12% increments in customer’s and client’s enquiry on their services and buildings. Saying “the new administration is doing something right with its policies it’s a strong indication that will drive Sujimoto as a company to do more and also provide more investment opportunities for other startups. The development shows people are ready to bring their money out to invest in real estate.”



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