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The Vice Presidential Candidate of The New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP), Bishop Isaac IDAHOSA, says, Nigeria is currently in an emergency ward, and that the country is in dire need of rescuers. The Bishop made this assertion early in the weekend, while feeding questions from Oladele Gold, Director of Communication, Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists (NACJ). According to the Bishop, the economic situation of the country is very pathetic. He says, ” Anywhere you don’t find Justice, Equity, and Fairness, you cant find Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. And it’s not enough to condemn the system, which underscores why we are bringing a fresh breath as God helps us to clinch power.

“As you can see, the masses are suffering, nothing is working, educationally we are backward, no jobs for our university graduates, our young Medical Doctors are leaving the country in their droves by the day because there’s no job security. Our oil, through which we generate money is down. Everything is bad, but we have hope, because any nation that has lost her hope for a better tomorrow may never regain her pride as a nation. So, Nigeria is in the state of emergency, infact, we are on on life support as a nation.
“So, the New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP), is coming into power on a rescue mission, to see how we can quickly revive the economy, and bring about togetherness where everyone will have a sense of belonging, and secure the country. That will be our first assignment.”
On security, he contended that, “Our security has gone too bad and porous, arm banditry is everywhere, there’s Boko Haram, there’s kidnapping, and several other insecurity vices in the country. Until Leadership is courageous enough with a strong political will to combat insecurity headlong, it will persist. It’s not a good thing that the picture of the country doesn’t encourage foreign invest , because every investor wants a secured atmosphere for business. Not only that, Energy supply is the key for any business to thrive not the epileptic supply that has killed several businesses. These are the things an average investor looks out for to determine whether or not to invest.”
The Bishop was emphatic on the the high level of insecurity in the country, he fumes , “There is compromise in our security system, because obviously, we have enough military power to combat insecurity. Unfortunately, there are those making gains with our pains, there are those who are rising with our falling, there are those who are saddened when we are happy, so we must look inward, government should be courageous enough, where you have cowardice, you will have compromise, where you have incompetence in charge there can be no magic, it can’t happen otherwise.”
The Bishop also bares his mind on the need to diversify the nation’s economy. Hear him, ” My principal is a man who is very prudent in management of economy. When he was governor of Kano State he inherited debt incurred by the previous government and he was able to pay it off during his tenure. We will cut the cost of governance, we will block leakages and stop contract inflation, we are going to do a whole lot to ensure the economy is on the right path. For instance, we are going to diversify into agriculture, we will ensure that small scale businesses are giving comfortable business atmosphere to thrive. We will also invest in education, because when you educate your people for today, you automatically secure the future, with the right education diversification will not be a problem, and there will be vibrant enterprises to complement the government efforts on diversification and the overall economy boom.
“Also, we are going to expand on gas, we are going to encourage the entertainment industry heavily, and encourage the talents in all spheres of the economy as well as empower the youths.”
Bishop Isaac IDAHOSA is a popular Nigerian clergy who is currently the Vice Presidential Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP). The general elections which appears to be the most delicate one in political history of the nation is just by the corner.

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