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On: February 22, 2023 - In: News - No comments


Media personality, Toke Makinwa has staked a claim that wealthy Nigerian men are not good at pleasing women in bed.

The fashion enthusiast, on the other hand, believes that the broke counterparts understand the dynamics of pleasing a woman. She said this in a recent sitdown with ex-BBNaija housemate Neo Akpofure.

According to the media personalities, 80 percent of Nigerian men are not good at making love to the level of making their women feel good. She claimed that the wealthier they are, the less good at sex they are.

Makinwa opines that wealthy men think other aspects of their lives can make up for poor sex, money, good looks, etc., while broke men, on the contrary, do it with all their lives because they know they have nothing else to offer.

In her words, “80% of Nigeria men do not know what it is to please a woman. I can always know what come up next. Many if them just want to get in and get out and say it was good. The wealthier the guy is especially Nigerian men, the worse. I feel like sex with broke men is amazing because they have nothing to offer. You are sleeping with a broke man he gives you everything.”

Neo, who seems to share the same opinion with Makiwa, agreed with her all the way.


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