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The era of social media and influencer status is bringing about joy, hope, and wealth to individuals, families, and communities. However, it has also brought about unintended consequences not just in terms of social vices and crimes but also, misdemeanors as will be seen in this investigation report by Trek Africa Newspape.



This is a case of love for humanity as demonstrated by philanthropy which has resulted in alleged jealousy then bitter rivalry and deep resentment, ultimately leading to Police involvement. A social media influencer Dorcas Oluwakemi Adeyinka, particularly popular on Facebook for showing support to the less-privileged by paying for medical expenses, house rents, school fees, business empowerment, palliative support etc. was ‘dragged’ (in Nigerian social media parlance) and labelled many names such as hunchback, prostitute, etc.


Though based abroad, Chief Dorcas Adeyinka a Nigerian-born British citizen has a huge Nigerian fan base on Facebook who often donate to causes through her foundation, Dorcas Adeyinka Empowerment Foundation. This platform also afford her the opportunity to bring Diaspora support to Nigerians in need. And she always deliver as promised.


Dorcas Oluwakemi Adeyinka is not the only one involved in this kind of humanitarian efforts. Actor Lizzy Anjorin, influencer Elizabeth Adebuari, among other ladies also use their vast followership on Facebook to promote better life for the less-privileged.


However, as always, when things grow, issues will be raised. Particularly, issues around raising money on Facebook for good causes have caused many Nigerians to raise eyebrows about transparency and trust. This is a growing concern not just for these ones on Facebook but also on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This often calls for proper administration, probity, and accountability.



Most of them met on Facebook due to their role as brand ambassadors, known figures with large online audience, work with beauty and cosmetic brands, as socialites, among other reasons. They include Dorcas Oluwakemi Adeyinka; Nollywood actor Lizzy Anjorin; influencer Elizabeth Obanla Adebuari; Nigerian ex-international’s daughter, Tolulope Odegbami; Toyin Fayose, Tolulope Basirat, Abike Adeoye; Olamilekan Kolawole; Tolulope Garba; Sunday Oni; Ebudola Orekoya; Adebimpe Alasoadura; among others.


This friendship has allegedly turned sour because of perceived ill-feelings against Dorcas Adeyinka. It is almost like a grand gang-up plan to get her into prison. Seemingly, it is like some powers that be have, colluded to make the aim of the gang-up come true.




The Nigeria Police Force has placed Dorcas Oluwakemi Adeyinka on wanted list. This is for a case that has moved from Elere division in Agege to Kam Salem to, Force CID Headquarters, to Force CID Alagbon Annex, to IGP Monitoring Office in Force HQ, Abuja and is even currently heard by a court.


This is why concerned persons in the society are calling on the highly respected Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun to intervene in the matter. One of them is a concerned Nigerian woman who spoke with Trek Africa Newspaper on this matter under the condition of anonymity.


The concerned woman disclosed: ‘In 2023, Dorcas who is based in UK celebrated a party in Nigeria. By 8pm, a woman came in to the hall, to record a video of Dorcas Adeyinka but she is not dressed in the uniform clothes worn by everyone in the party. She said she was sent by the Lagos Command and came with two police officers but I said no, that she cannot arrest anybody without warrant.’


‘Three days after the party, Dorcas was in Agege where Adebuari attacked and destroyed her car. When the case was reported at Elere Police Station, she was arrested with Folakemi who was with her. Adebuari allegedly conspired with the police at Elere to beat her. Lizzy Anjorin threatened to kill her with charm right in the police station. The next day, hooligans gathered in front of the police station saying they will attack Dorcas when she is moved out. Officers from Kam Salem had to come take Dorcas out of there. The case was promptly taken to court and she was remanded in Alagbon close for 7 days from December 24th to January 1st. She fell ill in the process and was rushed to Ikoyi police hospital. She was bailed from court on January 2.’


She continued: ‘By 18th March when the court case continued, the court struck out the case for no evidence. Dorcas had earlier went to Force CID Headquarters, Abuja to report the matter. The AIG in charge of Force CID Alagbon Annex was told from Abuja to arrest all the party involved in the matter. AIG at Alagbon, said that he didn’t know that Dorcas was kept in the place for 7 days. Yet Adebuari took the matter to Abuja in the office of IGP Monitoring unit.’


‘Later, Dorcas was honoured by traditional ruler of Ogudu land in Lagos with Chieftaincy title but, Tolulope Garba started to bully her. Again, she was honoured by another traditional ruler in Ogun state for her good work. This fueled more hatred.’


‘When Iya Ibeji whom Dorcas had helped to rent a house and gives money for upkeep previously died, Ade Buhari and co. placed the blame on Dorcas and they called her unprintable names. They accused her of murdering the woman. Even her nude pictures were allegedly retrieved from her old boyfriend and posted widely on social media few years ago. Toyin Idiogo went to her hometown, Ido in Ekiti state and said she will kill Dorcas that she is a member of many spiritual groups. When officers of Zone 2 came to arrest her there in Ekiti, her traditional ruler and vigilante groups prevented it. The DPO Ido Ekiti, CSP Adekunle Obabusayo who promised to produce her failed to do so. Yet Dorcas is the one on the Police wanted list. I don’t know where Dorcas is now, maybe she has gone to hiding due to fear, trauma and depression.’



The woman who pleaded anonymity told Trek Africa Newspaper that she wants IGP Kayode Egbetokun to intervene in the matter. ‘The case of cyberbullying is never ending for Dorcas. It has affected her negatively. Cyberbullying has affected alot of people’s business. It is affecting people’s mental health. Dorcas is not a kidnapper, a thief, or a killer. They just hate her because of the good works that she does which people like her for. They all used to be friends, they met online but things went awry and now they want her imprisoned. They call her ‘Abuke Berger, ekute London’ when she is not a hunchback lady.’


‘I am begging the IGP Egbetokun, has a father to please intervene. I want him to call the officers involved to order. I want him to call all these young ladies including Dorcas to a meeting to resolve the matter. No more fighting, no more cyberbullying, no more intimidation. May God bless you, IGP. Please look into this matter’, she concluded.

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