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Meljenstin Hosts Groundbreaking/Influential Drug Addiction Conference In Lagos

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Meljenstin Hosts Groundbreaking/Influential Drug Addiction Conference In Lagos




The Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative (NGO) proudly organises its 8th edition of its renowned “Say No to Drug Addiction” Youth Conference. The 2024 conference, themed ‘Evidence is clear; invest in prevention,’ is a pivotal event, emphasizing the critical importance of preventive measures in combating drug addiction.



The conference brought together experts, youth leaders, and activists who shared insights and strategies, highlighting the undeniable benefits of investing in prevention to safeguard the future of our youth. Students from various schools witnessed the prestigious event.


At a vibrant conference in Festac Town, Lagos, Ambassador Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe passionately addressed the gathering of young minds. She extolled students as the future luminaries of the nation, urging them to steer clear of the pitfalls of drug use. With fervor, she highlighted the immense potential they hold to shape the country’s destiny, calling for a commitment to excellence and integrity.


In the same vein, Osigwe, the head of the NGO, advocates for a harmonious society where peace reigns and parents find rest. She stresses the need for vigilance during the critical stages of children’s development. Meanwhile, the representative of NDLEA champions a drug-free society, highlighting the significance of individual responsibility and the often-overlooked ways in which saving lives can be disguised. Together, these messages underscore the collective effort needed to foster a safe and nurturing environment for all.


Chief Superintendent of Narcotics, Stella Amechi, emphasized the critical focus of the conference on prevention and education for children. “This event is our prime opportunity to reach them early and make a lasting impact,” she noted, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues at a young age



Amid the growing prevalence of drugs, the NDLEA and various NGOs are intensifying their efforts to combat the crisis. They urge parents to be vigilant and actively monitor their children’s activities to help safeguard their future.


Similarly, Mrs. Ngozi Okonkwo, the CEO of Kring Clinic, called on the government to extend financial aid to Meljenstin and collaborate with counselors. She emphasized the importance of teaching brand awareness and understanding drug trends in schools throughout the state. Her vision is to foster a better society and create an environment free from drugs, enhancing the quality of life for students and the community at large.


In conclusion however, Osigwe underscored the conference’s focus on preventive strategies against drug addiction, highlighting their pivotal role in shaping a brighter tomorrow




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