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The successes achieved by the Nigeria Police Force is not attributed to just guns, uniforms, and boots, it has a lot to do with the amazing support provided by community stakeholders. ‘As Police we are not angels, we are not spirits, if you see us succeeding, it is the information you give us’ asserted new Area Foxtrox Commander, ACP Idowu Ebenezer Olanrewaju during his familiarization and interactive session with the stakeholders in Alausa division last Thursday 24th January, National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP can report.

NAOSNP can report that ACP Idowu Olanrewaju made this note during his maiden visit to arguably the most strategic division under his Command. He was accompanied by police officers in the Area Command including, SP Comfort Alabi.

Expressing his excitement about the stakeholders in Alausa, the new Area F Commander who just came into the office 1 month ago, Olanrewaju said: ‘I want to eulogize what I am seeing here today. I have come to feel the pulse between the members of the public and my people. It is not in my character to sit in my office. I am barely 1 month old at Area F Ikeja. I really appreciate the stakeholders here. I want to believe that they have been giving you what you need and I want to tell you that we are ready to correct wherever we are wronging you.’

About the Police-Community Relations Committee (PCRC), he noted: ‘I have not been feeling the impact of Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) until I came to Area F. What baffles me is that they would not disturb you with issues that someone collected okada release it, one boy did a critical offence, please release him for me. That shows that PCRC members know what it is about and that are following the path.’

He added: ‘I want to appreciate CSOs of companies, councillors and political leaders, let us continue to maintain the tempo. Most of the civilians here are supporting you because they don’t associate with criminals, whenever you see us going wrong don’t hesitate to point it to us, we will correct it immediately.’

‘I want to thank our unions – NURTW, RTEAN, TOOAN, etc, anywhere I go they are my first target because they have many children that can cause trouble. Thank you for cooperating with me, it is not the DPO you are cooperating with, it is me. The Almighty will continue to be with you. We will not cry over our children, husbands, wives, everyone’, NAOSNP can report.

Hailing the DPO of Alausa division, CSP Elizabeth Oluwatoyin Opadola, the Area F Commander commented, ‘My DPO, she is a lady with a man’s heart, she has been doing what a man cannot tamper with, she has been working. She hasn’t called me to report fictitious things but achievements. Even today at the Police Management team meeting that the CP Adegoke Fayoade said we should report what’s happening in our area, it was the traffic robbery case in Alausa that I first presented. When the tactical squad led by CSP Oni Johnson will report their own, it was the traffic robbery at Alausa for which they have arrested six more suspects. Please don’t relax, I will echo what you do well and when you are found wanting I will scold you.’

Olanrewaju used the opportunity to advise security stakeholders, ‘I am just brought here from Area P, what they are doing in Area F, I don’t know. We will work on the information you give us and that is how you will see breakthrough. As Police we are not angels, we are not spirits, if you see us succeeding, it is the information you give us. Everybody must be security-conscious in the Nigeria of today.’

The DPO of Alausa division, CSP Elizabeth Opadola in her welcome remarks noted: ‘Alausa division is the most sensitive division sited in a strategic location close to the seat of power, Lagos State Government, Lagos State House of Assembly and also many business district and various companies, banks, event centres, etc.’

‘The division so far has witnessed tremendous success on curtailing crime to nipping all form of crime in the bud. All these achievement could not have been possible too but for your timely and onerous qualitative leadership, mentorship, which you exhibit since your assumption of duty as Area Commander Foxtrox’, NAOSNP gathered from CSP Elizabeth Opadola.

On the challenges, she is encountering, the effective and elegant operations officer, Opadola mentioned to the new Area Commander, ‘I also wish to urge the Area Commander to use his good office by assisting the division with more manpower for utmost provision of security to enhance the peace which the division and the community is currently witnessing.’

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