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One Year Anniversary: President Tinubu Out Performed Himself – Trade Minister

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One Year Anniversary: President Tinubu Out Performed Himself – Trade Minister



The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment, Dr Doris Uzoka-Anite, has expressed her confidence in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to driving significant progress for Nigeria within just one year in office. She praised the President’s economic policies, social intervention programs, and poverty alleviation initiatives, emphasizing their potential to bring about lasting benefits for the Nigerian populace.


During a recent address at her office in Abuja, Dr. Doris highlighted the transformative impact of the Renewed Hope mandate, which has prioritized inclusive governance, irrespective of political affiliations. She commended President Tinubu’s outstanding performance and the proactive approach taken by his cabinet in formulating policies aimed at national growth and development.


“Since our inauguration, we the cabinet members have been on our toes working fervently to bring into reality his life-changing policies. In my ministry; we have initiated the Skill-Up Artisan Program, Loan and Grants, MSMEs and SME loans, ease of doing business, global access to capital markets, developing homegrown products to save forex and a host of others.”


“We have relaunched the Nigerian Trade Policy 2023-2027, connected Nigerian SMEs to the global value chain, formed a strong partnership with the World Trade Organization and ITC, we have inaugurated initiatives such as the Trade Portal, Trade Intelligence unit and Trade facilitation unit. We have also renewed our partnership with countries like; Qatar, India and The UK by signing a bilateral agreement that will facilitate a smooth trade partnership between Nigeria and the countries.”


Additionally, she noted the administration’s strides in the reform and boost of the non-oil sector by investing heavily in the identification of export barriers and easing all bottlenecks, launching the Trade Facilitation and Liberalization Subcommittee, increasing revenue of the Lagos Trade Fair complex to over N400Million, initiating reforms at the National commodity exchange Exchange window to enhance free flow and exchange of commodities between Nigeria and other partner countries and also creating export processing zones at the 6 Geo-Political zones in Nigeria’s to ensure the speedy export of produce to countries in other to attract more investment and more forex liquidity into the system.


Dr. Doris also lauded President Tinubu’s initiatives in hawking and selling the Nigerian brand to foreign investors who have shown great prospects to create more jobs and bring their investments into the country. She also disclosed the giant strides of President Tinubu in ensuring more private and public partnerships to drive the Industrial Revolution in the country.


“We have attracted a total of over 30 billion dollars in investment commitment into Nigeria, we have also initiated an investment mobilization initiative which will enhance the increment of local and foreign investment portfolios in the country. We have launched the Nigerian Investment Summit and the Nigeria Diaspora funds.”


The Minister also emphasized the vast opportunities unlocked by President Tinubu in the Industrial sector with the 200Billion Presidential Palliative Program, rejigging of the Nigerian cotton and textile industry, ensuring the automotive industry source for 40% of their materials locally, conversion of Trailers and Cars from PMS driven to CNG driven, the proposed launched of the SME connect platform, granting exemption certificate of export duty for over 50 manufacturers, establishment of the National Job Centre and the Launch of The National Talent Export Programme NATEP aimed at creating over 1Million Jobs for Artisans.


Dr. Doris concluded by urging Nigerians to remain patient and optimistic, assuring them that the government’s policies and initiatives will yield positive outcomes for the nation. She expressed confidence in President Tinubu’s vision and commitment to reshaping Nigeria’s economic landscape, emphasizing the administration’s dedication to fostering a prosperous future for the country.




‘We are ready to take drastic decisions that will help shape Nigeria’s Economy for Good’ – Minister for Investment, Trade and Industry; Dr Doris Uzoka-Anite

G-20: Trade Minister, Uzoka-Anite links ability to attract investment to Tinubu’s commitment to Nigeria’s industrialization

Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite’s Magic Wand


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G-20: Trade Minister, Uzoka-Anite links ability to attract investment to Tinubu’s commitment to Nigeria’s industrialization



‘We are ready to take drastic decisions that will help shape Nigeria’s Economy for Good’ – Minister for Investment, Trade and Industry; Dr Doris Uzoka-Anite



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TRENDING NEWSRivers Crisis: Hon. Enemi George Blows Hot, Calls Governor Fubara a Small ManPublished 3 weeks ago on May 9, 2024By D’SHOW

Hon. Enemi Alabo George, a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, did not mince his words when he called out Governor Sim Fubara for his reckless and violent actions. He boldly stated, “I dare you today, Sim Fubara.




”You may have had the guts to break the gates of the Rivers State House of Assembly quarters and force your way in, but let me tell you, you are nothing but a small man. Your threats and harassment, shooting and inducing fear into the wives and children of Assembly members are nothing but cowardly acts.”


George went on to remind Fubara of his past misdeeds, saying, “You burnt the hallowed chambers of the House of Assembly, attacked the residence of the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, and even demolished the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex. Despite all this, we did not answer you, we thought it was just the madness of a minute. But know this, you can never break me.”


He further emphasized, “I have respected our friendship for a long time, but now, I refuse to hold back any longer. You know where I live, you know my apartment, why didn’t you come? I worked hard for you to become Governor, I even mobilized professionals from all works and corners of life to support you. But now, I will never bow to baal. You are nothing but a small man, and I will not be intimidated by you.”


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The Nigerian Senate has taken a significant step towards ensuring a safer and healthier society by passing a bill to amend the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA Act. The amendment includes the imposition of capital punishment by death for those involved in drug-related crimes in Nigeria. The aim of this move is to create a drug-free environment in Nigeria and to address the issue of drug peddling among the country’s youth, which has become a major concern.


The Senate believes that this amendment will provide the necessary legal backing for NDLEA to carry out its duties effectively and also enable the prosecution of those found guilty of drug-related offences. This will go a long way in curbing the drug trafficking menace that has been a source of worry to the government and citizens alike.



On Thursday, May 9th, the House of Representatives made a commendable move by ordering the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to suspend the enforcement of the cybercrime levy introduced by the apex bank. This decision was made to ensure that the principles outlined in section 44(2a) of the Cybercrime Act are adhered to, and that Nigerians are not confused or misled in any way by the circular issued by the CBN.


The House of Representatives expressed their concern about the potential misunderstanding that could arise from the circular issued by the CBN, and urged the bank to retract the previous circular promptly and release a new one that aligns with the provisions of the Act.


This action was taken in response to a pressing issue raised by Minority Leader Kingsley Chinda (PDP, Rivers) on behalf of all members. The House’s decision shows their commitment to promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability in Nigeria’s financial sector.




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