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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has issued a warning to those who belittle and criticise him, advising them to proceed cautiously. He also reminds his detractors that the Bible makes it plain that anyone God uses must be foolish, weak, and unimportant in order for no one to receive glory.






The revered cleric warned that those who behave in such a way eventually meet terrible ends. He said that while he is little and weak, those who make fun of him and the mission should realise that his God is a consuming fire.












During his sermon and anointing service at the monthly Holy Ghost service at The Redemption Camp with the theme “Shielded by Fire,” the revered cleric—who had been receiving backlash from a number of celebrities and television personalities over some of his declarations and comments—stated the following: “If Paul, who wrote more than half of the New Testament, claimed to be less than the least of the saint, according to Ephesians 3:8, Pastor Adeboye is nothing.”


“However, his God is everything. Listen to me carefully, Adeboye is one stupid boy and I would prove it to you before I close, But his God is wiser than the wisest.





“Adeboye is weak, he eats pounded yam and goes to the toilet. But his God is stronger than the strongest. Adeboye is nothing but his God is the All-sufficient God.


“So there is nothing spectacular. There is no big deal if you mock Pastor Adeboye. He deserves to be mocked.



“The word of God made it abundantly clear. Anyone that God will use must be weak, foolish, and a nobody, so that only God will take the glory. So you can mock Adeboye, but you must not mock his God.


“Why? Because Adeboye is nothing, there is nothing he can do to you. But his God is a Consuming fire.”


“I want to ask you some questions. The fact that the leaders of Boko Haram are Muslims or claimed to be Muslims, does that mean every Muslim is a terrorist?


“Because one Islamic cleric said they should kill our first lady, does that mean every Imman is a murderer.


“There was this guy called HUSSPUPPY, the fellow who was the original 419 man that was arrested in Dubai. He happens to be a Nigerian, does that mean every Nigerian man is a 419?


“If a pastor and his wife do something insensitive somewhere, does that mean every pastor everywhere is insensitive?


“Then what about this pastor somewhere in Ireland. They said he committed all manners of atrocities. How will you explain that?


“Number one, the way they reported it in Nigeria is different from the way it is reported where it happens.


“Over there they said “a former pastor”. Meaning he used to be. But put that one aside.


“They didn’t tell you the whole story, they did not tell you that they did not catch the boy. But he reported himself and why did he report himself, he heard a sermon on restitution and decided it is better to suffer shame while here on earth than to go to hell.


“And where did he hear that sermon, in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are among the few churches left in the world that ever talk about restitution.”


The esteemed clergyman asserted that he is not attempting to “Justify the unjustifiable.” “Do you know the Bible says he who thinks he stands should take heed, lest he fall?” he continued, acknowledging that the pastor could have backslided when he committed the crime,


“Even you are standing today be careful. I pray you will never fall.”


“You can say ‘but he was ordained as a pastor’. But have you heard about backsliding? Once hot for the Lord and along the line it became cold. The Bible even said ‘he that thinketh that he stand…’.


“I don’t want to give the impression that I am justifying the unjustifiable. The Lord prayed all night and chose 12 disciples. One of them turned out to be Judas Iscariot. One failure out of 12.


“If you consider the number of pastors in RCCG in Nigeria, alone. Don’t let me tell you the number. But let me tell you mathematically. The number of pastors in Nigeria alone today is more than 200 thousand.


“If we find one here, one there over there, well our Lord Jesus Christ the one we are following chose 12 but one was the devil.”

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